The founders of ShiftRunner believe in the business of a better world, in the elegantly simple notion that a company, a business, should be created from Day One with a dual purpose – to be commercially successful, to thrive financially, to serve and reward shareholders, and also to contribute meaningfully and measurably to a more equitable world.

To us, these twin objectives should be linked at inception and form the bedrock of an organization.

The inter-dependence of these commercial and social goals represents an abiding vision, an ethos, that guides every important decision we make.

We believe in honor, inclusion, consequence and integrity. It is reflected in who we hire, what we produce and how we contribute. It is not an accessory. It is not an after-thought. And it is not negotiable.

To us, it is elegantly simple: If a more equitable world is everyone’s business, then it should be good business.