SINGAPORE – JULY 14, 2015 – Appointed to ShiftRunner’s board of directors today, the company’s head of marketing, Michelle Waite, adds fresh perspective and 20 years of global marketing expertise to complement the entrepreneurial board.

Ms. Waite has spearheaded key initiatives for ShiftRunner’s innovative global citizenship game, Pandoo Nation, and sister organization, Pandoo Foundation and will now turn her talents to overseeing company activities and investment. Michelle will join company CEO, Anthony Blass, Pandoo Foundation Executive Director & President, François Perreault, and Canadian educator, Samantha Good on the board.

“Michelle is a driving force for all things Pandoo,” commented CEO, Anthony Blass. “Getting kids excited about Pandoo Nation is the easy part. Making our Foundation and its projects light up on the radar of international schools and investors has been the breakthrough that could not have accomplished without a little ‘what if’ thinking. We can’t wait to see what she will come up with next.”

Michelle’s most recent project “#GameToGive”, an initiative that captured the imagination and intrigue of the game’s preteen players , has paved the way for a series of live gaming events early 2016. This energized “Foundation first” approach continues to cement the incorporation of the Foundation’s outreach programs in Cebu and ShiftRunner’s relationship with international schools from across the region.

Ms Waite’s astute business acumen and entrepreneurial talents are a credit to her fruitful career as a Senior Marketing and Business Development Professional for Intralox offices in the United States, Amsterdam, Shanghai and Singapore.

Since joining ShiftRunner in early 2013, Michelle has played an instrumental role in the ongoing development of both Pandoo Nation and the Pandoo Foundation. Her addition to the Board of Directors is a natural fit.