SINGAPORE – JULY, 2015 – UK public relations executive Natalie Doran joins the growing marketing and communications team at ShiftRunner, where she will supervise and create online content and marketing materials for Pandoo Nation, the company’s innovative social awareness game platform for preteens.

Ms. Doran’s appointment signals gathering momentum at the Singapore-based firm, which is creating a social game platform that connects gamers to causes in developing countries. Pandoo Nation represents a unique tool for preteens to make targeted donations that support education, health and hygiene, as well as grassroots entrepreneurial projects.

“Pandoo Nation is founded on an audacious premise – that kids with the right tools can and will change the world for the better,” said Anthony Blass, ShiftRunner’s CEO. “Celebrating the successes of these kids in print and online is critical to maintaining the momentum of this fledgling movement. That responsibility falls to Natalie, a skilled and highly focused PR professional who brings energy and infectious enthusiasm to her role. She’s a terrific addition to the team.”

Ms. Doran has professional experience in Singapore with the American Chamber of Commerce and Ogilvy & Mather Advertising. An experienced writer and event organizer, Ms. Doran is responsible for creating all ShiftRunner marketing materials including press releases and web content for Pandoo Nation, and ShiftRunner’s non-profit sister organization, Pandoo Foundation. Ms. Doran just returned from four weeks of field work with Pandoo Foundation in Cebu, Philippines.

Ms. Doran reports to Chief Marketing Officer, Michelle Waite.

“Natalie is a quick study,” said Ms. Waite. “She absorbs the nuances of our business and communicates the subtleties of our marketing messages as if she has been with us for years. She brings to her work a welcome mix of creative energy and intelligence that generates true ‘out of the box’ thinking that helps Pandoo Nation break above the ‘noise’ in today’s crowded media space.”

Ms. Doran is an English Literature graduate at the University of Birmingham, UK, where she was active in coordinating fundraisers for university-related charitable causes. She also played for the university basketball team and secured their full corporate sponsorship. Ms. Doran is a self-confessed gaming geek (“My unsupervised, misspent youth,” she says).

“Would I have played Pandoo Nation as kid? Absolutely!” said Ms. Doran. “It’s great fun. But beyond that, Pandoo Nation gives kids a chance to do some good in the world, to contribute to causes and to make a difference. I am inspired every day when I go to work.”