Singapore – March 15, 2013 – Public policy specialist, writer and social advocate François Perreault was appointed executive director today at Pandoo Foundation, a Singapore-based non-profit organization that provides funding for worldwide development programs, including micro lending, targeted specifically at aiding working women and their children in developing countries.

Funding for Pandoo Foundation is provided by Singapore-based ShiftRunner, which is developing an innovative game for pre-teens, Pandoo Nation, that uniquely connects children from the game world to kids and causes in the real world, facilitating micro loans and donations for schools and health-related initiatives. Kids who excel in Pandoo Nation use game points to fund specific loan candidates or to fund specific causes. The game rewards acts of honor, integrity and teamwork. Fully 20 percent of all subscriber revenues generated by Pandoo Nation are directed to Pandoo Foundation.

Mr. Perreault is a co-founder and investor at ShiftRunner and one of the principal architects of the Pandoo Nation game. His appointment to lead Pandoo Foundation follows a year of on-the-ground work in Cambodia, Japan, Bangladesh and the Philippines, where he has conducted field work with various outreach programs, including Grameen Bank and Hope International Development Agency, to determine specific needs and how best to integrate Pandoo Nation with their development initiatives.

“It has taken some time to pressure-test our strategies and align our initiatives with reputable like-minded organizations in the field,” Mr. Perreault said. “But I am happy to report that we have done it. The key partnerships are in place. Among other things, we have funded a Hope International Development Agency micro-lending program, and we are about to finalize our funding of the first Pandoo School through a grant via World Assistance for Cambodia.”

Mr. Perreault was appointed executive director at Pandoo Foundation by the board of directors at ShiftRunner Pte. Ltd., an entertainment and social awareness company that believes kids can be mobilized through game play to act on behalf of others in need, particularly children in developing countries. ShiftRunner created Pandoo Foundation as a bridge to realize its social ambitions.

Pandoo Foundation Chairman and ShiftRunner CEO-founder Anthony Blass said Mr. Perreault brings to the role an unusual combination of focused energy, insight, creativity and resourcefulness.

“François Perreault is critical to the success of our organization,” Mr. Blass said. “Our shared view is that kids believe in a world that is just and equitable and most are aware that it is not. What is missing for most kids are tools to make a difference. We have created those tools and put them inside an exciting game world whose missions and ethos reflect the broader goals of the organization. The person most responsible for connecting our game world to these real world causes is Francois Perreault. We believe we have found the ideal candidate to ensure our vision is realized.”

Mr. Perreault is a Canadian-born scholar and public policy expert. While pursuing his Masters in Political Science International Relations, he received a distinguished graduate studies fellowship from the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs. He worked for the Government of Canada, serving disadvantaged outlying areas. He was later appointed to the Canada Research Chair in Canadian Foreign and Defense Policy. More recently, he served as a visiting scholar in Singapore at the Center for Multilateralism Studies at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS), a top-50 global think tank.