CEBU – DECEMBER 13, 2014 - Non-profit outreach organization, Pandoo Foundation, inspires entrepreneurship and innovation in local kids through the construction of a cardboard fairground for Christmas fundraiser.

‘I don’t know who loved it more, the kids or the adults,’ laughed Pandoo Foundation’s Education Program Manager, Geneviève Bisson. ‘It’s amazing what the kids came come up with; all they needed was some inspiration, cardboard and a lot of sticky tape. Not even a little unpredictable weather could dampen a Pandoo carnival! The involvement of local communities in creative projects is the driving force behind Pandoo Foundation. Getting kids to create something, to build on their ideas and sculpt them into finished products rewards invention and encourages families to stimulate childhood development.”

ShiftRunner’s Pandoo Perya on December 13, invited local children to take part in the crafting of cardboard amusements at the Barangay Kasambagan Gym, Pandoo Community Center in Cebu, as an entry for the Imagination Foundation’s Global Cardboard Challenge. The makeshift cardboard games of both local and international origin included bowling, air hockey, pin ball, basketball, ring toss, mini-golf, and pabitin, which were then played by the event’s 150 visitors for an affordable ticket price of between 10 and 100 pesos. The cardboard challenge event encouraged both creativity and innovation through play, with the intent of animating life skills that are desirable in the modern workplace.

The efforts of the Pandoo Community Center and Cebu’s preteen volunteers gained the attention of local press, Sun Star, and raised a total of 40,000 pesos from online and event donations. The funds raised by Pandoo Perya were donated to community programs providing meals and gifts for kids at the Special Education Center in Bantayan island, aid to tyhoon victims and hosting a Christmas party at the Pandoo Community Center.

The cardboard challenge is an initiative spearheaded by Imagination Foundation founder and film maker, Nirvan Mullick, whose short film ‘Caine’s Arcade’, sparked the imagination of kids all over the world. ‘Caine’s Arcade’ follows the story 9-year old Caine Monroy, who built a cardboard arcade inside his dad’s LA scrap yard. Nirvan Mullick was his only visitor and was so inspired by Caine that he organized a flash mob of surprise customers, and filmed it. The YouTube sensation sparked an international movement of creativity across the world and a year later, The Global Cardboard Challenge. The Imagination Foundation believes that educational systems across the world must find, foster and fund the innovation skills of preteen kids through play.

Pandoo Foundation Executive Director & President, François Perreault believes the work of the Imagination Foundation aligns with both sides of the Pandoo coin and was therefore eager to integrate the event with an outreach fundraiser.

“We just had to get involved with the challenge,” commented Executive Director, François Perreault. ‘Caine’s story proves that empowering just one child can create a global movement. We want to inspire thousands of kids to be innovators and changemakers; Pandoo Nation facilitates this real life entrepreneurship through online game play and is actioned by our foundation on the frontline. Interaction with local communities makes the work of Pandoo Foundation possible and the success of the cardboard challenge is a testimony to their support.”