SINGAPORE – JULY 6, 2015 - Fundraiser and global citizen Dylan Palladino, takes on newest challenge in one-month internship with Pandoo Foundation, a non-profit outreach organization funded by social awareness company ShiftRunner Pte Ltd, it has been announced today.

Dylan Palladino, an awarded junior at the Singapore American School, will continue his lifelong campaign for change under the wing of ShiftRunner’s co-founder and Pandoo Foundation’s Executive Director & President, François Perreault. Out of the office, Dylan’s internship will take him directly to the heart of the company’s community program in Cebu, where the teen will spend three days in the field learning about and supporting Pandoo Foundation’s local outreach efforts.

Dylan will also work closely with the Executive Director to sculpt the framework for an innovative school based program launching this fall, where 16 international schools, 128 students, will collaborate with the game makers to create Pandoo Nation’s online community platform. This unique platform, the company states, will be designed to inspire and enable middle school-aged kids to take ownership in making our world better.

“We’re going to make social media matter. Imagine the capabilities of a unified online network of schools and organizations that makes ideas sharable, that allows projects to mobilize across borders,” commented François Perreault. “Students will be the designers, the planners and the users, because for us, change starts with them.”

Dylan has already made headlines by being named “New Yorker of the Week” for his acts of charitable giving at the young age of six and his extraordinary determination to implement sustainable social programs. At fifteen, Dylan’s journey took him to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, generating $125,000 of sponsorship for his “Feeding Minds Fighting Hunger” campaign to ensure two meals a day for 6,400 school children in Cambodia for two years.

The teen’s rousing call to action is rooted within his family, who exposed him to the destitution of the global communities around him and more importantly, the incredible progress achievable with funding for local and global projects.

“Seeing the inequity of the world didn’t make me feel sorry for these kids. They didn’t want my pity; they wanted a hand-up, not a hand-out,” Dylan passionately recounted. “They wanted a way forward, a way out of the slums, an education. I realized I wanted to be part of the solution!”

“Dylan has moved mountains, as well as climbed them! We are delighted to have him on board,” commented ShiftRunner CEO, Anthony Blass. “Our ethos is to reach for the highest point and we see no limit to the potential of the change-making generation. One of the reasons we are so excited about Pandoo Nation is its capability to bring likeminded, global conscious preteens together and instill that magical, proactive spirit that students, like Dylan, are using to make a real difference.”