Singapore – May 10, 2015 – Award-winning Canadian photographer Mitchell Gleason embarks on a two-month assignment beginning in May to document the field work of Pandoo Foundation, the Singapore-based outreach organization responsible for community development projects in South East Asia.

Pandoo Foundation is the sister organization of Pandoo Nation, the innovative online game world for preteens that links game play to real world causes.

“Our game and our Foundation work hand in hand to create opportunities for kids of some privilege to assist families in need in developing countries,” says Anthony Blass, CEO of ShiftRunner, the Singapore-based social enterprise that developed Pandoo Nation and established Pandoo Foundation.

“A critical part of that effort,” Blass says, “is capturing images from the field that we share with kids who play Pandoo Nation. We are privileged to deploy a photographer with Mitchell Gleason’s enviable skills who will be responsible for capturing and memorializing our efforts in the field.”

Gleason will begin his work for Pandoo Nation in Hong Kong, before traveling to the Philippines, Singapore and Cambodia. Gleason has field experience on three continents. He specializes in portraiture, action sports and landscape photography.

“My job with Pandoo Foundation,” says Gleason, “is to bring back images from the field that faithfully capture both the essence of an event and the nuance of a specific human challenge. Often this must be accomplished in less than ideal situations. The technical and creative challenges are not insignifiant.”

Gleason’s work can be viewed at

ShiftRunner Pte. Ltd. is the entertainment and social awareness company behind Pandoo Nation, an innovative online game world for kids, and Pandoo Foundation, it’s non-profit sister organization that funds development programs in the areas of financial inclusion (micro lending), education, and health & sanitation. For more info, please click here.