SINGAPORE – SEPTEMBER 8, 2015 – Accomplished Australian game developer Aroon Tan has been appointed chief technology officer (CTO) at Singapore-based ShiftRunner, the social awareness game developer that is bringing to market Pandoo Nation, the only game that enables preteens to connect online gameplay to causes in the real world.

Aroon Tan, 45, is one of Singapore’s most respected thought leaders in online game design and brings to ShiftRunner 23 years of specialized experience in the field of “virtual worlds”, a highly immersive subset of the gaming world that is particularly popular with preteens.

“Aroon Tan is an exceptional talent with decades of experience conceiving and building games on multiple platforms,” says Anthony Blass, CEO of ShiftRunner. “Aroon represents a key addition to our senior management team. He has years of experience assembling high performing teams with enviable creative and technical expertise. Already we are seeing a quickening pace of development under his stewardship. His game design knowledge and his methodologies inspire tremendous confidence.”

Mr. Tan’s proficiency in visualization and virtual world development has earned him a seat on some of the most influential boards in the gaming community, and will now be turned to the development and completion of Pandoo Nation v1.0. Mr. Tan will lead communications with Leeds-based game developer, Dubit, and will oversee the storyboarding and execution of Pandoo Nation v2.0. An expert in 3D online graphics, animation and multiplayer games, Mr. Tan is a natural fit for the CTO role and is delighted to be applying his expertise to ShiftRunner’s innovative concept.

“Pandoo Nation is breaking new ground among virtual game worlds,” Mr. Tan says. “It is the first game for preteens to connect game play to real world causes, using game technology as a platform to allow young people to more easily mobilize and do good. Virtual worlds for teens are common, but Pandoo Nation fills a void in the market. Kids clearly want to help others and Pandoo Nation gives them the tools to do that in a game environment. I’m really excited about this venture. It breaks new ground and should be the next big thing in gaming.”

A recognized thought leader among game developers, Mr. Tan served for six years as the president of the Games Exchange Alliance in Singapore, which put him in a unique position to identify and cultivate new gaming talent, both technical and creative.

Mr. Tan has led several game development ventures since 1993, including Magma Studios and 10TACLE Studios in Singapore. He served as CEO of Massive Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) developer Paraworld in 2000 and, later, was appointed CEO (Asia Pacific) of 10TACLE STUDIOS AG in 2004, following the partnership of his own digital enterprise company, Interactive Digital Dreams (IDD) with the European game developer.

An innovator and entrepreneur by nature, Mr. Tan capitalized on his visualization expertise and, in 2005, formed Magma Studios. Among other things, Magma Studios won the contract to create Disney Channel Asia’s flagship television series – “Guardians.” It also created the Massively Multiplayer Online Game World of Paddle Pop and Max Dash, a popular endless runner game.

Mr. Tan has an aptitude for virtual reality technologies and virtual world design targeted specifically at the online preteen market. His app-orientated exhibition project, Dinosaurs Live 2011, received 500,000 downloads from the app store and his most recent project, Paddle Pop Adventures endless runner game, “Max Dash,” has found instant success with over 1.5 million new users in less than 12 months. Mr. Tan is well recognized for his contributions in Singapore and his achievements in augmented reality and the construction of virtual platforms have made him prominent figurehead for Asia’s online gaming community.

Mr. Tan’s previous ventures have collated valuable insight in the application of gaming for the betterment of kids and society.

“I’m not sure we could have found a better CTO candidate anywhere,” says Mr. Blass. “Aroon Tan is among the most decorated game developers in this part of the world. We are extremely fortunate to have him leading our game development and our online strategy."