SINGAPORE – JANUARY 25, 2018 - Ideal Systems today announced that it was selected by PANDOO Foundation to provide 360 VR Camera, equipment and editing services for the first 360° 3D video production to be shot on location in Cebu, Philippines. PANDOO Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower and unite kids to take action for positive change, and whose vision is to enable a sustainable movement led by kids to build a better world.

(L-R): Director - Dave McVeigh, Pandoo Country Director, Geneviève Bisson, Amor, CTO and Executive Producer Aroon Tan.

(L-R): Director - Dave McVeigh, Pandoo Country Director, Geneviève Bisson, Amor, CTO and Executive Producer Aroon Tan.

Aroon Tan, CTO/Executive Producer working on PANDOO productions commented, “In keeping with our innovation of bridging the “virtual” game world to our real-world social impact causes we wanted to shoot one of our projects in immersive 360 VR video. We selected Ideal Systems with their advanced Nokia OZO 4K 3D VR camera and its production platform OZO Creator. Ideal also provided us with VR video production specialists to assist our production team on location. We successfully completed the one week shoot in 360 degree and three-dimensional video with ambisonic full-sphere surround sound. Ideal had set up the OZO Creator image processing production system on a custom laptop for portability allowing us to adjust the OZO settings such as seam visualization and stitching for our many different locations and conditions. Ultimately, taking our gamers on a virtual-field-trip where they experience the stories of other kids around the world through a VR headset and headphones. Such empathy between kids across the world will lead to real world change.”

The Cast

The Cast

PANDOO Foundation receives 20% of all net membership fees from PANDOO Nation, which is an exhilarating Massively Multiplayer Online Game for kids. PANDOO Nation innovatively links its game play to the real-world projects undertaken by the Foundation. Kids have the opportunity to help fund causes they believe in, and in return they receive a tactile experience of helping others around the world through real world connections with updates, pictures and now through immersive 360 virtual reality video. The game enables the virtual missions of its players in the game to be bridged to the real world and help improve lives of less fortunate kids.

The Crew

The Crew

VR shoot writer/director Dave McVeigh of Cebu-based DMC stated, “I’ve been behind the camera directing shoots in sixteen by nine for long time. Directing for VR in 360 is a wildly different experience. First off, there is no behind the camera! We had to hide all the crew at each of the locations which ranged from busy city streets, to beaches, to mountain tops. Not always easy to direct the actors when you are twenty meters away. I had a real-time feed into an Oculus HMD (head mounted display) and the effect is incredibly immersive. You often forget you're not standing right there with the kids so I'm sure I appeared insane at times, which is all part of the fun. When you see the rendered clips, you really feel like you are right there, on the mission. The immersion is TOTAL. This technology is going to blow the doors off traditional framing and tradition storytelling."

The Star

The Star

About Ideal Group

Ideal is Asia’s largest broadcast and media systems integrator and is a multinational organization providing innovative media, design and AV solutions to sectors including broadcasting, telecoms, and media. Ideal Systems provides services that range from systems consultancy and design conceptualization, to systems deployment and support of broadcast systems, facilities, and studios, to billing and subscriber-management solutions.

Ideal Group operates from 13 regional offices in Asia. The company employs over 180 full time staff members in its offices in Hong Kong (Headquarters), China(3), Taiwan, India(2), Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Dubai.

About PANDOO Foundation

PANDOO Foundation Inc. is the Philippines entity of a global non-profit organization whose mission is to empower and unite kids to take action for positive change, and whose vision is to enable a sustainable movement led by kids to build a better world. PANDOO Foundation is a unique non-profit because of its link to PANDOO Nation, a story-driven MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) for preteens where every time players level up, they unlock causes and fund development programs through gameplay.

From Singapore to the Philippines, Cambodia to Canada and the United States, PANDOO Foundation delivers projects that empower young people and their communities. Working alongside partners from around the world, it sustains development programs in health, infrastructure, education, leadership and disaster relief.

About DMC

DMC is a Cebu City Philippines-based creative studio that specializes in innovative video content creation, branding, commercials, network promos, game trailers and branded content for clients like HBO, EA Games, Disney Channel, Fox Studios and many other.  The studio was formed by Dave McVeigh, an award-winning creative director with over 20 years experience working in Hollywood and Asia on countless campaigns for networks, films, game trailers, products and start-ups.


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CANNES – OCTOBER 25, 2017 – The 2017 MIPCom Convention came to a close last Thursday, as François Perreault, Aroon Tan and Joan Vogelesang wrapped up an exciting week of showcasing the PANDOO Nation brand and its innovative IP.

“They were universally impressed with our IP and our concept,” said Joan Vogelesang, ShiftRunner’s recently-appointed Senior Strategic Advisor. “They liked the interaction between the game, the animation (TV series) and the Foundation’s work in VR.”

This was Joan’s 17th visit to MIPCom. She said that senior industry veterans are often quick to dismiss you (albeit politely) if your concept does not intrigue them. They won’t waste their time, she says, or ours. The positive feedback was genuine. “People don’t have to tell you that.”

The experience at MIPCom was further validation of the PANDOO brand’s social engagement imperative, the IP itself and the 360-degree engagement strategy. Some lauded the PANDOO IP franchise as fresh and timely because it gives traditional broadcasters something innovative to compete against disruptive players like Netflix and Amazon, who have changed consumer expectations.

In the near term, these partnerships could influence ShiftRunner’s valuation and go-to-market strategy. Longer term, it could help establish the foundation of a global IP franchise that could extend to other opportunities, including publishing, consumer products and collectibles, with the PANDOO Nation game anchored as the interactive centerpiece.

ShiftRunner’s Vice President François Perreault has been leading the follow-up effort. “NDAs have been sent,” he said. Some are already “reviewing a potential scope of work, a timeline, milestones, trailer, etc.”


Held annually in the French Rivieran town of Cannes, MIPCom is the largest gathering of entertainment content creators, producers and distributors worldwide.


SINGAPORE – SEPTEMBER 21, 2015 – If it’s good enough for kids, maybe it’s good enough for adults, too.

That was the thinking of the Singapore-based team at ShiftRunner, developers of Pandoo Nation, the innovative online fantasy world that allows kids to use game-play to contribute to causes of their choice in developing countries.

ShiftRunner devised a game-play theme for the annual fundraising gala of its field partner, HOPE International Development Agency, which helped double the amount of donations from a year earlier, raising S$70,000 on the night. Under the call sign #GameForHOPE, the ShiftRunner team encouraged tables to compete for points through the evening’s activities in support of the PAMULAAN Center for Indigenous Peoples' Education in Davao, a HOPE initiative in the Philippines.

“The competition theme was borrowed from our game, Pandoo Nation,” said Anthony Blass, ShiftRunner’s CEO. “But it was brought to life by our chief marketing officer, Michelle Waite, and it was executed flawlessly by her team, including Natalie Doran and Sam Goodwin. They did a fantastic job using the Pandoo concept to create excitement and energy around giving. It’s exactly what we do with kids in our game. Turns out, it works with adults, too.”

Ms. Waite says Pandoo Nation continues to inspire fresh thinking.

“It’s what we do at ShiftRunner,” explains Ms. Waite.  “We try to link everything to our game, to causes and to giving. Gamifying giving works for preteens in Pandoo Nation, so we were confident that with a little imagination, it could work just as well for an adult crowd at a black tie gala event. Who isn’t motivated by a little competition?”

#GameForHOPE 2015 invited 128 prestigious guests to put gamified giving into practice. Whether solving a Rubik’s cube, putting or testing their strategic brainpower on Pandoo Nation’s ‘Rescue Camp’ mini game, attendees clocked up Pandoo points for their table in between four decadent courses at the Conrad Centennial Singapore. Lucky raffle winner, Serine Chiu, won the chance to see firsthand the impact of the evenings donations with a once in a lifetime trip to the Philippines sponsored by Pandoo Foundation. Ms. Chiu will visit Pandoo Foundation’s center in Cebu City and then head to Davao, to experience the educational projects supported by HOPE International at the Pamulaan Center for Indigenous Peoples Education.

Co-Chairs Elizabeth Hernandez and Nick Johnston presided over the evening’s proceeding, with Ms. Hernandez’s table ‘The HOPE Hotties’ taking home the Pandoo gift bags and the 2015 title.

“We won, not a fix I promise!” laughed Co-Chair and HOPE International Singapore board member, Elizabeth Hernandez. “A competitive fundraiser is a genius idea; it brought out the kids in us. What #GameForHOPE has demonstrated so successfully is that giving can be more than a transaction, it can be an experience. #GameForHOPE is a testimony to the strength of our friendships; thank you to all the volunteers and sponsors for their continued support.”

This year’s Gala boasted a variety of exclusive auction items for both live and silent bidding, with winners also claiming 50-100 points for their team. ShiftRunner’s own CEO and talented mixologist, Anthony Blass, welcomed guests with an array of professionally crafted cocktails, which he referred to as “pocketbook lubricators.”

It must have worked, too, because four hours of his bartending services were auctioned off for S$1,900 – the second most lucrative live auction item on the evening. “That was just good friends bidding me up, expecting that I might stick around and wash dishes afterwards,” says Mr. Blass.

The animated live auction saw guests battle for a six person stay at the Conrad Centennial Singapore with dinner by a private chef in the presidential suite and bid to name a cow for HOPE. A team of avid sports fans, ShiftRunner donated four prime location tickets to any 2016 Yankees game with thanks to Sam Goodwin, and a round of golf with lunch at Sentosa Golf Club courtesy of auctioneer and ShiftRunner friend, Jeff Waite.

A relational organization and devout partner to local projects, HOPE International Singapore will use all proceeds of their annual gala to cover the construction costs of a new dormitory at the Pamulaan Center for Indigineous Peoples Education in Davao, and will sponsor six at S$1,750 a year. A pledge has been made by an independent company to fund the education of a further three students and HOPE Singapore, in its Christmas Appeal, is seeking to raise support for an additional 25 students.

“The sustainability of community projects relies on a preservation of indigenous culture. We are delighted to be supporting the Pamulaan Center and their expansion,” commented Asia Pacific Director of HOPE International Development Agency, Lowell Shepard. “#GameForHOPE introduced an entirely new, creative element to our annual Gala which had an inspiring impact on our guests and donations. With such a provocative concept, I have no doubt that Pandoo Nation and its team will find limitless success.”

Pamulaan is a volunteer, non-governmental and non-profit educational institution, whose focus is to provide poor and marginalized indigenous youth with access to quality and culture-based education. To achieve its mission, Pamulaan creates culturally appropriate and relevant programs for the indigenous children, youth, community leaders, and development workers from various communities in the Philippines. Pamulaan Center hopes to produce graduates equipped with knowledge, values and skills to initiate collaborative actions towards sustainable development in their communities.


SINGAPORE – SEPTEMBER 8, 2015 – Accomplished Australian game developer Aroon Tan has been appointed chief technology officer (CTO) at Singapore-based ShiftRunner, the social awareness game developer that is bringing to market Pandoo Nation, the only game that enables preteens to connect online gameplay to causes in the real world.

Aroon Tan, 45, is one of Singapore’s most respected thought leaders in online game design and brings to ShiftRunner 23 years of specialized experience in the field of “virtual worlds”, a highly immersive subset of the gaming world that is particularly popular with preteens.

“Aroon Tan is an exceptional talent with decades of experience conceiving and building games on multiple platforms,” says Anthony Blass, CEO of ShiftRunner. “Aroon represents a key addition to our senior management team. He has years of experience assembling high performing teams with enviable creative and technical expertise. Already we are seeing a quickening pace of development under his stewardship. His game design knowledge and his methodologies inspire tremendous confidence.”

Mr. Tan’s proficiency in visualization and virtual world development has earned him a seat on some of the most influential boards in the gaming community, and will now be turned to the development and completion of Pandoo Nation v1.0. Mr. Tan will lead communications with Leeds-based game developer, Dubit, and will oversee the storyboarding and execution of Pandoo Nation v2.0. An expert in 3D online graphics, animation and multiplayer games, Mr. Tan is a natural fit for the CTO role and is delighted to be applying his expertise to ShiftRunner’s innovative concept.

“Pandoo Nation is breaking new ground among virtual game worlds,” Mr. Tan says. “It is the first game for preteens to connect game play to real world causes, using game technology as a platform to allow young people to more easily mobilize and do good. Virtual worlds for teens are common, but Pandoo Nation fills a void in the market. Kids clearly want to help others and Pandoo Nation gives them the tools to do that in a game environment. I’m really excited about this venture. It breaks new ground and should be the next big thing in gaming.”

A recognized thought leader among game developers, Mr. Tan served for six years as the president of the Games Exchange Alliance in Singapore, which put him in a unique position to identify and cultivate new gaming talent, both technical and creative.

Mr. Tan has led several game development ventures since 1993, including Magma Studios and 10TACLE Studios in Singapore. He served as CEO of Massive Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) developer Paraworld in 2000 and, later, was appointed CEO (Asia Pacific) of 10TACLE STUDIOS AG in 2004, following the partnership of his own digital enterprise company, Interactive Digital Dreams (IDD) with the European game developer.

An innovator and entrepreneur by nature, Mr. Tan capitalized on his visualization expertise and, in 2005, formed Magma Studios. Among other things, Magma Studios won the contract to create Disney Channel Asia’s flagship television series – “Guardians.” It also created the Massively Multiplayer Online Game World of Paddle Pop and Max Dash, a popular endless runner game.

Mr. Tan has an aptitude for virtual reality technologies and virtual world design targeted specifically at the online preteen market. His app-orientated exhibition project, Dinosaurs Live 2011, received 500,000 downloads from the app store and his most recent project, Paddle Pop Adventures endless runner game, “Max Dash,” has found instant success with over 1.5 million new users in less than 12 months. Mr. Tan is well recognized for his contributions in Singapore and his achievements in augmented reality and the construction of virtual platforms have made him prominent figurehead for Asia’s online gaming community.

Mr. Tan’s previous ventures have collated valuable insight in the application of gaming for the betterment of kids and society.

“I’m not sure we could have found a better CTO candidate anywhere,” says Mr. Blass. “Aroon Tan is among the most decorated game developers in this part of the world. We are extremely fortunate to have him leading our game development and our online strategy."


SINGAPORE – JULY, 2015 – UK public relations executive Natalie Doran joins the growing marketing and communications team at ShiftRunner, where she will supervise and create online content and marketing materials for Pandoo Nation, the company’s innovative social awareness game platform for preteens.

Ms. Doran’s appointment signals gathering momentum at the Singapore-based firm, which is creating a social game platform that connects gamers to causes in developing countries. Pandoo Nation represents a unique tool for preteens to make targeted donations that support education, health and hygiene, as well as grassroots entrepreneurial projects.

“Pandoo Nation is founded on an audacious premise – that kids with the right tools can and will change the world for the better,” said Anthony Blass, ShiftRunner’s CEO. “Celebrating the successes of these kids in print and online is critical to maintaining the momentum of this fledgling movement. That responsibility falls to Natalie, a skilled and highly focused PR professional who brings energy and infectious enthusiasm to her role. She’s a terrific addition to the team.”

Ms. Doran has professional experience in Singapore with the American Chamber of Commerce and Ogilvy & Mather Advertising. An experienced writer and event organizer, Ms. Doran is responsible for creating all ShiftRunner marketing materials including press releases and web content for Pandoo Nation, and ShiftRunner’s non-profit sister organization, Pandoo Foundation. Ms. Doran just returned from four weeks of field work with Pandoo Foundation in Cebu, Philippines.

Ms. Doran reports to Chief Marketing Officer, Michelle Waite.

“Natalie is a quick study,” said Ms. Waite. “She absorbs the nuances of our business and communicates the subtleties of our marketing messages as if she has been with us for years. She brings to her work a welcome mix of creative energy and intelligence that generates true ‘out of the box’ thinking that helps Pandoo Nation break above the ‘noise’ in today’s crowded media space.”

Ms. Doran is an English Literature graduate at the University of Birmingham, UK, where she was active in coordinating fundraisers for university-related charitable causes. She also played for the university basketball team and secured their full corporate sponsorship. Ms. Doran is a self-confessed gaming geek (“My unsupervised, misspent youth,” she says).

“Would I have played Pandoo Nation as kid? Absolutely!” said Ms. Doran. “It’s great fun. But beyond that, Pandoo Nation gives kids a chance to do some good in the world, to contribute to causes and to make a difference. I am inspired every day when I go to work.”


SINGAPORE – JULY 6, 2015 - Fundraiser and global citizen Dylan Palladino, takes on newest challenge in one-month internship with Pandoo Foundation, a non-profit outreach organization funded by social awareness company ShiftRunner Pte Ltd, it has been announced today.

Dylan Palladino, an awarded junior at the Singapore American School, will continue his lifelong campaign for change under the wing of ShiftRunner’s co-founder and Pandoo Foundation’s Executive Director & President, François Perreault. Out of the office, Dylan’s internship will take him directly to the heart of the company’s community program in Cebu, where the teen will spend three days in the field learning about and supporting Pandoo Foundation’s local outreach efforts.

Dylan will also work closely with the Executive Director to sculpt the framework for an innovative school based program launching this fall, where 16 international schools, 128 students, will collaborate with the game makers to create Pandoo Nation’s online community platform. This unique platform, the company states, will be designed to inspire and enable middle school-aged kids to take ownership in making our world better.

“We’re going to make social media matter. Imagine the capabilities of a unified online network of schools and organizations that makes ideas sharable, that allows projects to mobilize across borders,” commented François Perreault. “Students will be the designers, the planners and the users, because for us, change starts with them.”

Dylan has already made headlines by being named “New Yorker of the Week” for his acts of charitable giving at the young age of six and his extraordinary determination to implement sustainable social programs. At fifteen, Dylan’s journey took him to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, generating $125,000 of sponsorship for his “Feeding Minds Fighting Hunger” campaign to ensure two meals a day for 6,400 school children in Cambodia for two years.

The teen’s rousing call to action is rooted within his family, who exposed him to the destitution of the global communities around him and more importantly, the incredible progress achievable with funding for local and global projects.

“Seeing the inequity of the world didn’t make me feel sorry for these kids. They didn’t want my pity; they wanted a hand-up, not a hand-out,” Dylan passionately recounted. “They wanted a way forward, a way out of the slums, an education. I realized I wanted to be part of the solution!”

“Dylan has moved mountains, as well as climbed them! We are delighted to have him on board,” commented ShiftRunner CEO, Anthony Blass. “Our ethos is to reach for the highest point and we see no limit to the potential of the change-making generation. One of the reasons we are so excited about Pandoo Nation is its capability to bring likeminded, global conscious preteens together and instill that magical, proactive spirit that students, like Dylan, are using to make a real difference.”


Singapore – May 10, 2015 – Award-winning Canadian photographer Mitchell Gleason embarks on a two-month assignment beginning in May to document the field work of Pandoo Foundation, the Singapore-based outreach organization responsible for community development projects in South East Asia.

Pandoo Foundation is the sister organization of Pandoo Nation, the innovative online game world for preteens that links game play to real world causes.

“Our game and our Foundation work hand in hand to create opportunities for kids of some privilege to assist families in need in developing countries,” says Anthony Blass, CEO of ShiftRunner, the Singapore-based social enterprise that developed Pandoo Nation and established Pandoo Foundation.

“A critical part of that effort,” Blass says, “is capturing images from the field that we share with kids who play Pandoo Nation. We are privileged to deploy a photographer with Mitchell Gleason’s enviable skills who will be responsible for capturing and memorializing our efforts in the field.”

Gleason will begin his work for Pandoo Nation in Hong Kong, before traveling to the Philippines, Singapore and Cambodia. Gleason has field experience on three continents. He specializes in portraiture, action sports and landscape photography.

“My job with Pandoo Foundation,” says Gleason, “is to bring back images from the field that faithfully capture both the essence of an event and the nuance of a specific human challenge. Often this must be accomplished in less than ideal situations. The technical and creative challenges are not insignifiant.”

Gleason’s work can be viewed at

ShiftRunner Pte. Ltd. is the entertainment and social awareness company behind Pandoo Nation, an innovative online game world for kids, and Pandoo Foundation, it’s non-profit sister organization that funds development programs in the areas of financial inclusion (micro lending), education, and health & sanitation. For more info, please click here.


SINGAPORE – MARCH 13, 2015 – At an international conference here celebrating kids who commit themselves to global causes, more than 250 middle schoolers from 16 countries got a sneak preview of ShiftRunner’s innovative social change game, Pandoo Nation. They gave the game high marks.

“We had kids from all over the world, from 23 schools, and the feedback about Pandoo Nation was enthusiastic and positive,” said Andrew Hancock, deputy superintendent at the Stamford American International School in Singapore. “We had a chance to see firsthand how an innovative game can be used to help fund causes and connect kids in classrooms and at home to families in need in developing countries. I think it opened a lot of eyes to new possibilities of getting involved and making a difference through a game.”

Kids ages 11-13 tested one part of Pandoo Nation known as “Rescue Camp,” a core game mechanic that relies on resource management skills and strategic planning in a “tower defense” environment to accommodate the needs of displaced villagers. Survey results showed that kids were ready to purchase the game. Anecdotal evidence supported it as well.

“One boy from a school in Vietnam and another from a school in Bangladesh tried to pry licensing codes from us,” says Robert Martini, ShiftRunner’s finance director, who said he was humored by the response and encouraged by it. “They each offered $50 in cash. I couldn’t take their money, because the game isn’t ready yet. But they insisted and they kept insisting until things got a little uncomfortable. I finally convinced them that the best I could do was put them on a waiting list. They weren’t pleased.”

Testing occurred at the annual Global Issues Network (GIN) conference, where every year thousands of middle school students are inspired to become ambassadors for change at conferences held throughout the world, mostly at International schools. Founded in Europe and now in its 12th year, GIN strives for sustainable solutions to global problems through the power of youth collaboration and engagement.

Aptly named #ImaGINation2015, this year’s conference featured an inspiring line-up of key note speakers including Spencer West of Me to We, Salva Dut of Water for South Sudan, the young Filipino founders of The Librery Organization and Pandoo Nation’s own Sam Goodwin and Em Gamboa.

Sam Goodwin, 26, ShiftRunner’s social media and marketing manager, was one of the keynote speakers. In his presentation, Mr. Goodwin encouraged “engagement with energy, focus and purpose.”

“Great ideas are cheap,” Mr. Goodwin told the group. “The real premium is on action, converting your inspiration and energy into focused initiatives that make a real difference in the lives of others. Pandoo Nation does that. The Librery Organization does that. The challenge for you is to ensure that your ideas for change move from your heads to your hands. As we say at ShiftRunner, when in doubt, think with your feet!”

ShiftRunner’s Pandoo Nation game, designed for preteens, combines gaming and global citizenship in an online fantasy world where game points can be converted to real dollars to help people in the real world. Pandoo Nation’s sister organization, Pandoo Foundation, is active in the field and is working directly with young people in developed countries to connect them to families in need in developing countries.

At GIN, ShiftRunner demonstrated firsthand how its game helps people in the real world. Testing of Pandoo Nation was structured as a competition in which students earned bronze, silver or gold medals that were converted into dollars to help fund the Librery Organization, which was founded in the Philippines by three Filipino students who attend SAIS. ShiftRunner’s #GametoGive initiative generated S$1,400 from game testers at GIN.

Started by siblings in the Philippines, The Librery Organization has grown into a youth project that provides access to books for underprivileged and orphaned children. Librery is not a misprint, it is a combination of the Spanish word “libre,” or free, and library.

“The founders of The Librery Organization are a perfect example of the types of kids that we want to celebrate,” said François Perreault, the Executive Director of Pandoo Foundation. “Our desire at Pandoo Nation is to expose kids to a positive experience of giving through our game, while inspiring them to want to do more for our world.”

Collaboration is integral to the Pandoo mission. The GIN conference not only exemplified ShiftRunner’s alignment with SAIS but also demonstrated the future effectiveness of its partnership with international schools for Pandoo Nation’s roll-out strategy.

“Schools represent our first port of call and a key distribution opportunity,” says Anthony Blass, ShiftRunner’s CEO. “We know how passionate kids can be about helping others, and we know that for many of them all that is needed to make a difference is a more convenient method of getting involved. What could be more convenient – and fun – than a game that connects kids in classrooms to kids in need?”


CEBU – DECEMBER 13, 2014 - Non-profit outreach organization, Pandoo Foundation, inspires entrepreneurship and innovation in local kids through the construction of a cardboard fairground for Christmas fundraiser.

‘I don’t know who loved it more, the kids or the adults,’ laughed Pandoo Foundation’s Education Program Manager, Geneviève Bisson. ‘It’s amazing what the kids came come up with; all they needed was some inspiration, cardboard and a lot of sticky tape. Not even a little unpredictable weather could dampen a Pandoo carnival! The involvement of local communities in creative projects is the driving force behind Pandoo Foundation. Getting kids to create something, to build on their ideas and sculpt them into finished products rewards invention and encourages families to stimulate childhood development.”

ShiftRunner’s Pandoo Perya on December 13, invited local children to take part in the crafting of cardboard amusements at the Barangay Kasambagan Gym, Pandoo Community Center in Cebu, as an entry for the Imagination Foundation’s Global Cardboard Challenge. The makeshift cardboard games of both local and international origin included bowling, air hockey, pin ball, basketball, ring toss, mini-golf, and pabitin, which were then played by the event’s 150 visitors for an affordable ticket price of between 10 and 100 pesos. The cardboard challenge event encouraged both creativity and innovation through play, with the intent of animating life skills that are desirable in the modern workplace.

The efforts of the Pandoo Community Center and Cebu’s preteen volunteers gained the attention of local press, Sun Star, and raised a total of 40,000 pesos from online and event donations. The funds raised by Pandoo Perya were donated to community programs providing meals and gifts for kids at the Special Education Center in Bantayan island, aid to tyhoon victims and hosting a Christmas party at the Pandoo Community Center.

The cardboard challenge is an initiative spearheaded by Imagination Foundation founder and film maker, Nirvan Mullick, whose short film ‘Caine’s Arcade’, sparked the imagination of kids all over the world. ‘Caine’s Arcade’ follows the story 9-year old Caine Monroy, who built a cardboard arcade inside his dad’s LA scrap yard. Nirvan Mullick was his only visitor and was so inspired by Caine that he organized a flash mob of surprise customers, and filmed it. The YouTube sensation sparked an international movement of creativity across the world and a year later, The Global Cardboard Challenge. The Imagination Foundation believes that educational systems across the world must find, foster and fund the innovation skills of preteen kids through play.

Pandoo Foundation Executive Director & President, François Perreault believes the work of the Imagination Foundation aligns with both sides of the Pandoo coin and was therefore eager to integrate the event with an outreach fundraiser.

“We just had to get involved with the challenge,” commented Executive Director, François Perreault. ‘Caine’s story proves that empowering just one child can create a global movement. We want to inspire thousands of kids to be innovators and changemakers; Pandoo Nation facilitates this real life entrepreneurship through online game play and is actioned by our foundation on the frontline. Interaction with local communities makes the work of Pandoo Foundation possible and the success of the cardboard challenge is a testimony to their support.”


Singapore – March 15, 2013 – Public policy specialist, writer and social advocate François Perreault was appointed executive director today at Pandoo Foundation, a Singapore-based non-profit organization that provides funding for worldwide development programs, including micro lending, targeted specifically at aiding working women and their children in developing countries.

Funding for Pandoo Foundation is provided by Singapore-based ShiftRunner, which is developing an innovative game for pre-teens, Pandoo Nation, that uniquely connects children from the game world to kids and causes in the real world, facilitating micro loans and donations for schools and health-related initiatives. Kids who excel in Pandoo Nation use game points to fund specific loan candidates or to fund specific causes. The game rewards acts of honor, integrity and teamwork. Fully 20 percent of all subscriber revenues generated by Pandoo Nation are directed to Pandoo Foundation.

Mr. Perreault is a co-founder and investor at ShiftRunner and one of the principal architects of the Pandoo Nation game. His appointment to lead Pandoo Foundation follows a year of on-the-ground work in Cambodia, Japan, Bangladesh and the Philippines, where he has conducted field work with various outreach programs, including Grameen Bank and Hope International Development Agency, to determine specific needs and how best to integrate Pandoo Nation with their development initiatives.

“It has taken some time to pressure-test our strategies and align our initiatives with reputable like-minded organizations in the field,” Mr. Perreault said. “But I am happy to report that we have done it. The key partnerships are in place. Among other things, we have funded a Hope International Development Agency micro-lending program, and we are about to finalize our funding of the first Pandoo School through a grant via World Assistance for Cambodia.”

Mr. Perreault was appointed executive director at Pandoo Foundation by the board of directors at ShiftRunner Pte. Ltd., an entertainment and social awareness company that believes kids can be mobilized through game play to act on behalf of others in need, particularly children in developing countries. ShiftRunner created Pandoo Foundation as a bridge to realize its social ambitions.

Pandoo Foundation Chairman and ShiftRunner CEO-founder Anthony Blass said Mr. Perreault brings to the role an unusual combination of focused energy, insight, creativity and resourcefulness.

“François Perreault is critical to the success of our organization,” Mr. Blass said. “Our shared view is that kids believe in a world that is just and equitable and most are aware that it is not. What is missing for most kids are tools to make a difference. We have created those tools and put them inside an exciting game world whose missions and ethos reflect the broader goals of the organization. The person most responsible for connecting our game world to these real world causes is Francois Perreault. We believe we have found the ideal candidate to ensure our vision is realized.”

Mr. Perreault is a Canadian-born scholar and public policy expert. While pursuing his Masters in Political Science International Relations, he received a distinguished graduate studies fellowship from the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs. He worked for the Government of Canada, serving disadvantaged outlying areas. He was later appointed to the Canada Research Chair in Canadian Foreign and Defense Policy. More recently, he served as a visiting scholar in Singapore at the Center for Multilateralism Studies at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS), a top-50 global think tank.


Singapore – February 1, 2013 – ShiftRunner Pte. Ltd. announced today that award-winning UK game developer, Dubit Ltd., will create its innovative new virtual world, Pandoo Nation, an exciting online fantasy rescue game for kids that has consequences in the real world.

“This is a unique game ShiftRunner conceived,” says Matthew Warneford, Chief Technology Officer for Dubit, a games development studio that has been creating games for leading brands, including Cartoon Network and BBC Worldwide, for more than 10 years.

“Pandoo Nation is a hybrid that creates a stand-alone category for itself,” says Warneford. “It is part virtual world, like Club Penguin, part real-time strategy game, reminiscent of Age of Empires, and part narrative adventure game, like the Zelda series. Beyond that, what really sets it apart is that it is the first game for kids where winning involves actually doing something positive in the real world.”

Anthony Blass, CEO, ShiftRunner

Anthony Blass, CEO, ShiftRunner

ShiftRunner founder and CEO Anthony Blass sums up Pandoo Nation this way: “We think it’s the first entertainment game for young kids that parents will want them to play. And we think they will want them to play a lot. You can’t win at Pandoo Nation without becoming a more engaged and aware global citizen.”

Pandoo Nation is a subscription-based virtual fantasy world for kids ages 8-12 that encourages them to think and act on behalf of others. It rewards acts of honor, sacrifice and integrity.

The game is connected to the real world through a non-profit sister organization, Pandoo Foundation, which funds schools, clinics, wells and livestock in developing countries. It also facilitates micro loans for working poor people. Kids who excel at Pandoo Nation get to choose what they want to fund – a specific school or clinic, for example, in the real world. Or they may choose to fund a specific loan candidate. Pandoo Foundation is funded by subscription revenue from Pandoo Nation.

“In some ways, we turn 5th graders into bankers,” Blass says. “The game has an element of financial literacy to it that is unique.”

Pandoo Nation is not the first game with an improve-the-world ethos. The challenge, say Blass and Warneford, is to make a game that is highly entertaining and commercially successful while camouflaging the instructive and educational parts in a way that parents see it but kids don’t, at least not at first.

Matt Warneford, CTO, Dubit

Matt Warneford, CTO, Dubit

“Kids can smell a classroom,” says Warneford. “In order for Pandoo Nation to be successful,
it must first persuade kids that it is the best game for them, the most exciting and the most engaging. We believe kids want to do the right thing, and Pandoo Nation facilitates that. But we also believe that kids won’t necessarily do the right thing at the expense of their own entertainment. In other words, doing the right thing is not a call to action until you know what it feels like to do the right thing.”

Blass agrees. One of the keys to the game, he says, is its tension and drama. Pandoo Nation is highly competitive, which kids enjoy, but the competition is to see who can do the most social good, both within the game and in the real world.

“We need to teach kids to care,” Blass says. “We can do that with an exciting game. If Pandoo Nation is as engaging as our preliminary tests indicate, then our message will be persuasive.”

Blass says ShiftRunner conducted an exhaustive study of leading white label game developers worldwide to determine who was best positioned to build a game that fulfills its ambitions. Their choice, he says, came down to two developers in North America and one in Europe.

“We did our research,” Blass says. “We took our time. We have a complex business model with lofty goals. We needed the right partner, one that understood every nuance of what we are trying to achieve. Dubit has a fantastic pedigree, which is the price of admission. What really set Dubit apart in our eyes is the painstaking way it goes about fulfilling even the smallest requirement. We are extremely confident Pandoo Nation is in the right hands.”

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